Pleather Vegan Jerky offers authentic drool-inducing pleasure for ex-meat eaters

Somewhere in the greater Cleveland area, Melissa and Matt Trahan stumbled from punk rock to creating vegan snack treats for those who want the chewy drool-inducing flavour of jerky without the cruelty caused by the meat industry.

Pleather is vegan, non-meat, super-tuff seitan jerky, and its texture has captured the tastebuds of vegans, vegetarians and people who want to cut back on their meat consumption.

When nothing seems affordable, this $1.22 batch of bread rises to challenge the cost of living

All we seem to hear right now is that the cost of living is rising out of control. Inflation is killing us. The gas price is hitting heights we’ve never had to deal with before.

This recipe may not chop down the inflated cost of housing, but we all must eat. Here’s how we get a batch of three delicious loaves of sourdough bread at the headquarters for about $1.22.