Roshan James creates art encouraging re-examination of societal norms

Artist and poet Roshan James has found her voice in work she creates in the serenity of small town Perth County.

“Turning everything I was taught on its head and re-examining it to find out what little things might have been true or make sense and could be helpful to carry forward and what things are just the chaff that needs to go into the wind. That factors into a lot of my art and poetry because I’m taking things I was taught and imagining them differently.”

From seedling to sauce, the life of a Dragon’s Breath pepper plant Part 2

This is the second in a series of articles that will follow a Dragon’s Breath pepper plant from seedling to bottles of Sorry Sauce’s Award-Winning Cherrynobyl extreme hot sauce. Well, to be more precise, visits to the Garden of Apologies and the Greenhouse of Extreme Regret to view the progress of this pepper plant allow for Sorry Sauce owner, Erik Begg, to share his triumphs and challenges in crafting new and unusual hot sauces.