Who is Colin Burrowes and why should you follow Woodstein Media?

In 2016, I returned to college as a mature student. Studying Journalism at Mohawk College in Hamilton and Conestoga College in Kitchener, I graduated in April 2019. While studying Journalism, I started freelance writing for Metroland Media in 2017.

Colin Burrowes is ready to share your stories.

For five years, I have been writing for newspapers in Southwestern Ontario, and I guess I have gotten pretty good at it too. That’s not just me tooting my own horn. I have won three awards from The Ontario Community Newspapers Association over the past two years.

However, on the same weekend, the award nominations were announced, I decided to resign from my post at Midwestern Newspapers.

The work I do as a journalist is enjoyable, and I do not see that it must end. I have worked hard to deliver high-quality stories that have earned community trust and explored experiences in a way that both validated and empowered people who, for years, did not feel valued or included. Perhaps the best example of that connection in my work was in my award-winning series The Homeless Experience in North Perth.

I plan to continue writing these high-quality stories at my news website Wood-stein.ca. I will continue to focus on social issues such as homelessness, the affordable housing crisis, harm reduction, the opioid crisis, LGBTQ2S+ Pride, Indigenous issues, diversity, inclusivity and ongoing systemic racism in Canada. I’ll continue to cover municipal politics in Perth County, and I will dabble in provincial and federal politics, especially when election time rolls around. I will write stories on environmental issues, education, restorative justice, public health, and mental health. There will be Southern Ontario art, entertainment, books, authors, musicians, and music.

There will be no coverage of sports, well, maybe roller derby. Although I encourage you to pitch me stories about exciting businesses, there will be no advertising on the website. So that is why I am hoping you will support me on Patreon.

Consider supporting wood-stein.ca to keep the ideas flowing! Become a Patron! 

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