Woodstein Media Podcast Episode Ten: Slaxx director Elza Kephart chats about films and climate emergency action

Episode ten features a discussion with Elza Kephart, director of the feature films, Graveyard Alive, Go in the Wilderness and most recently, Slaxx, a socially conscious satirical horror-comedy that sharply informs on the evils of fair trade, corporate globalization and, fast fashion.
Although we do discuss the films and series, Kephart is developing. Much of this conversation focuses on her climate activism with Extinction Rebellion, the Ministry of the New Normal, and as a member of SCALE (Sectoral Climate Arts Leadership for the Emergency), and the Directors’ Guild of Canada’s National Sustainability and Climate Action Committee.

University of Waterloo grads engineer Friendlier packaging ‘because the planet isn’t single-use’

Jacquie Hutchings and Kayli Dale, two chemical engineering graduates with a passion for environmental sustainability, cofounded Friendlier, a packaging company that would be friendlier to our planet “because the planet isn’t single-use.”

They met at the University of Waterloo, and became inseparable through late-night study sessions, lab experiments that went wrong, and dreaming up crazy ideas to solve problems they saw in their everyday lives.