Woodstein Media Podcast Episode Six: It Takes a Village

Episode six features a conversation with Andrea Charest, Executive Director of It Takes a Village in Listowel, Ontario. It Takes a Village is a people-oriented, money-free, shop and social initiative offering community members support with food security, access to resources,  and assistance navigating systems such as court appointments, housing, and government support with a focus on being a welcoming and inclusive place to belong.

Roshan James creates art encouraging re-examination of societal norms

Artist and poet Roshan James has found her voice in work she creates in the serenity of small town Perth County.

“Turning everything I was taught on its head and re-examining it to find out what little things might have been true or make sense and could be helpful to carry forward and what things are just the chaff that needs to go into the wind. That factors into a lot of my art and poetry because I’m taking things I was taught and imagining them differently.”

Roller derby will bounce back, skates are already hitting the track: Tri-city edition

As pandemic-related restrictions loosen, many people across Ontario and beyond are hoping they can lace up their roller skates and hit the roller derby track again. This series of articles will check in with teams as they prepare for some action in 2022. This time, sharing the progress of their league is Tri-city Roller Derby’s President Ivy Courtney, who some people in the derby community might know as Aggrosaurus.