Woodstein Media Podcast Episode Six: It Takes a Village

Episode six features a conversation with Andrea Charest, Executive Director of It Takes a Village in Listowel, Ontario. It Takes a Village is a people-oriented, money-free shop and social initiative offering community members support with food security, access to resources,  and assistance navigating systems such as court appointments, housing, and government support with a focus on being a welcoming and inclusive place to belong.

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Visit It Takes a Village. | Facebook or Home – It Takes A Village (listowelittakesavillage.ca) for more information about It Takes a Village.

For more information about safe supply advocacy in Waterloo Region, visit Safe Supply Advocates | Facebook.

For more Woodstein Media articles about It Takes a Village, visit It Takes A Village – Wood-stein.ca Media.
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Megan McGarry

▶︎ Declare & Protest | SubSounds Music Collective | SubSounds (bandcamp.com)

Ricky Mullen

Bound To Flood | Ricky Mullen (bandcamp.com)

“If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a village to abuse them.” ~ the film ‘Spotlight’

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