As CBC introduces MVLL CRIMES to a broader audience, they can still be found inspiring the underground, underground

On January 20, after a two-hour drive to escape the Conservative-infested political ridings of midwestern Ontario, this journalist found himself in a crowded basement near downtown Barrie listening to some of Canada’s most relevant punk bands climbing from Infinity Zero.

Unfortunately, a late arrival ensured the lingering sounds of Jerkoff Diary were all I heard bouncing around the basement venue before the remaining three bands slammed the audience. However, the sounds I did hear as I was submerged in the basement made me sure I would make it out early the next time I saw Jerkoff Diary on a bill.

The next blast the audience felt the energy of was Angry Spells, a Barrie band that merges members of Beaver Slap with one of the minds behind Tarantula Tapes. This argument might be bassless, but the twin guitar attack drives the message home for this witchy punk trio.

Toronto’s The Black Void merged so much rock n roll madness in a mysterious blender that makes me think, ‘what if the Cramps were new wave?’ Then I realize that description doesn’t capture their unique sound, so I give up and let their weird cacophony slice its way through my head. Who needs to explain when you can simply enjoy?

Finally, I got another fix of my new favourite addiction, MVLL CRIMES. This thought-provoking band of punks have me travelling hundreds of kilometres when I get the opportunity to see them, and it looks like they are getting some well-earned attention.

What more can I say about this band that I haven’t already said? Just listen to a Woodstein Media Podcast Episode Four with lead singer Jillian Clair. Then follow it up with a viewing of the latest episode of CBC Music’s The Intro.

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