Woodstein Media Podcast Episode Four: Jillian Clair confesses MVLL CRIMES

On episode four, Jillian Clair, singer for MVLL CRIMES, talks about the release of their 12″ EP “YOU EMBVRRVSS ME” on Cursed Blessings Records, her day job dealing with Freedom of Information requests for the City of London, the need for punks to get involved in municipal politics, zines, the lack of all-ages venues in many music scenes, many bands currently active in Ontario, and much more.

This episode features a lot of music, and the independent bands and labels would surely appreciate the support, so check out these links.

Music | MVLL CRIMES (bandcamp.com)
Music | Foam (bandcamp.com)
Home (cursedblessingsrecords.com)
On the Day the Nazi Died (featuring Hildegard vonSmoochy) | Chachi On Acid (bandcamp.com)
Music | Hildegard vonSmoochy (bandcamp.com)
Music | Tarantula Tapes (bandcamp.com)
Music | The Black Void (bandcamp.com)
Live at the Rockpile! | Beaver Slap (bandcamp.com)
Burn | Angry Spells (bandcamp.com)
Liquid Love EP by Various on MP3, WAV, FLAC, AIFF & ALAC at Juno Download
TRESPASSER | Idol of Fear (bandcamp.com)
Thunder Queens e.p. | Thunder Queens | yeahright (bandcamp.com)

The conversation also covered Jillian’s thoughts on the zine Buzzcocks: The Lasting Influence of Pete Shelley.

Buzzcocks: The Lasting Influence of Pete Shelley | Microcosm Publishing

The interview was conducted for a Woodstein Media feature on MVLL CRIMES. 

YOU EMBVRRVSS ME: Piecing together connections with MVLL CRIMES’ Jillian Clair – Wood-stein.ca Media

Photos were taken for a short article touching on the excitement generated by live entertainment following a two-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

A little suppression leads to a lot of appreciation – Pity Case, MVLL CRIMES, and Deck Piss make the Doors drip with excitement – Wood-stein.ca Media

The discussion also focused on the Barrie area music scene surrounding Beaver Slap.

What the heck happened to Beaver Slap? – Wood-stein.ca Media

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