Episode Five: Roshan James talks about deconstructing normality through art and poetry

On episode five, artist and poet Roshan James talks about how her creativity has helped her deconstruct societal norms, allowing her to turn everything she was taught on its head and re-examine it to find out what little things might have been true or make sense and could be helpful to carry forward and what things are just the chaff that needs to go into the wind.

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This episode starts with the song Crazy Demons Play by Danbert Nobacon, Kira Wood Cramer and the Axis of Dissent from the double Album Mesmerica – Expect a Circus.

CRAZY DEMONS PLAY | Danbert Nobacon, Kira Wood Cramer & The Axis of Dissent | Danbert Nobacon & The Axis of Dissent (bandcamp.com)

The rest of this episode’s music and spoken word pieces are excerpts from Roshan’s Warm Love single.

This interview was conducted for a feature article on Wood-stein.ca

Roshan James creates art encouraging re-examination of societal norms – Wood-stein.ca Media

Here are some links related to the topics discussed during this interview.

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